Star by Artelle Lenthall and Margaret Dewar

Star by Artelle Lenthall

Unlike Star’s friends, it’s small, it doesn’t twinkle and is never gazed upon by anyone. However, Star is brave, hopeful and resilient. Star comes out every night over the little town even after years of never being noticed.


Sometimes the future is brighter than we could ever imagine.

One special night, Star sees a young woman sitting, huddled on a donkey, shivering against the bitter cold. Star is so moved with compassion and love for this young woman that its own problems are forgotten.

Star, through compassion and love, suddenly becomes bigger and stronger. Star guides the woman to safety, along with many, many people to her special family.

Star shines brightly upon a baby lying in a manger. And becomes a focal part of the Christmas story. Star’s dream comes at a great cost, but Star earns both the gratitude of the special family and a place in hearts of all in the heavens.

The Nativity

Star is essentially the story of The Nativity told from the rather unusual perspective of The Christmas Star. Like all Nativity based stories, it’s a story of love, wonder and sacrifice.

There are also themes of friendship, self-doubt and finding one’s place in the world, as Star realises the real reason for its existence – lighting the way, which is more difficult and more beautiful than Star could ever have imagined.

This is such a unique way of telling the Christmas story and so beautifully illustrated, perfect for sitting around the tree with your family this Christmas.


 Author: Artelle Lenthall

Illustrator: Margaret Dewar

Publisher: Little Pink Dog Books, 2021

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