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Stop the Dad Jokes! by Adrian Beck and Simon Greiner.

Me and my dad were off to the zoo.

Mum dropped us there, “Have fun now, you two.”

So, waiting in line with a big crowd of folk,

I was feeling so happy, ‘til Dad told a joke.

There’s nothing like a good joke

Okay, Father’s Day is fast approaching. And trust me, there’s nothing a dad likes more than a good laugh. And, even better, these are his jokes. He’s bound to laugh.

You Can’t Stop the Dad Jokes

I must admit, when I first saw the title to this book, I was incredibly worried. I didn’t want to pick it up. The very thought of stopping dad jokes sent a horrible shiver down my spine. They’re all I have. Until I found out that this book is, in fact, full of dad jokes. Hooray!!

I should have known when I saw the author was Adrian Beck – a joker from way back. And, as it’s written and illustrated by dads, you know the jokes are going to be 100 percent on the nose. I mean, on the money.

The story takes place at the zoo. A haven for dad jokers. I’m not Lion. It’s more than a Koala can bear. The book is full of classic dad jokes and some I hadn’t heard before. In fact, there are so many gags that even the un-converted will find something to laugh at.

But what I love most of all is that after a day of enduring Dad’s humour, the book finishes off with Mum pulling out the biggest dad joke of them all.

Apart from the dad jokes, there is a fun, well-written story here, that rhymes so effortlessly and lends itself to some wonderful, engaging and fun illustrations. Overall, this is a rollicking, rhyming read-aloud that dads, kids, and anyone with a quirky sense of humour will find hilarious.


Author:  Adrian Beck

Illustrator: Simon Greiner

Publisher:  Penguin Australia, 2021

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