Stud - a tacos book review

Stud by Dhana Fox and Anna Demchenko

Finally, a character after my own heart. Full of bravado, a born entertainer, a real croaker.

Stud rocks. Just ask him!

Stud from a taco's book review

Cane toads have very few friends in Australia, but Stud is ready to make plenty!! Green and covered in warts, Stud arrives at Fickleton Farm full of confidence, joking and croaking, ready to shake things up on the quiet farm.

First impressions aren’t great for Stud. The other animals can’t see much use for a toad on the farm – he can’t be milked or lay eggs. ‘We all have a purpose,’ said Pig to the toad. ‘Pack your bags, hit the road!’

Give Stud a chance

What I love most about Stud is his energy and self-belief. So, of course, he wasn’t going to just leave without giving it a red hot go. ‘I’m useful and special. I sing and I dance.’ Now this was worth seeing. ‘Let’s give Stud a chance.’

And, they all agreed to let Stud put on a spectacular show.

All talk. No talent. But, plenty of laughs!

Unfortunately for Stud, he has no real talent. Every act in the show is a disaster. However, this works out awesome for the reader. There are some very funny moments and great illustrations that kids will love.

Poor Stud packs his bags and heads for the hills, when the other animals come rushing after him. While they all agree he lacks talent, they know real character and spirit when they see it, and ask Stud to stay.

A toad invasion

Cane toads are known for being pests that just keep coming and author Dhana Fox has captured this very cleverly, in fact, all the way to the very end, in this delightful picture book.

Illustrator, Anna Demchenko, helps connect the laughs and the joy of this fun book by offering up some very expressive characters.  

Unlike the cane toads wreaking havoc in Australia, this little guy is adorable. Kids are gunna love him. Heck, I love him!

It’s great to see a character that shows real spirit. It demonstrates to us all that respect can be earned by getting out there and having a go.


Title: Stud

Author: Dhana Fox

Illustrator: Anna Demchenko

Publisher: Larrikin House, Australia, 2021

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