Super Awesome Storytime

Crystal from Super Awesome Storytime

Interview with Crystal. We discuss the importance of fun, energy and excitement in reading and writing children’s books

Today’s guest is oodles of fun, in fact, she’s super awesome! She’s toured the world performing in shows inspired by some of the world’s most loved children’s books. And, she’s popped in today to tell us all about her popular YouTube channel, Super Awesome Storytime.

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Crystal: To find out more about Crystal and her amazing work at Super Awesome Storytime, check out website here.

UPmovement: To find out more about the UPmovement, click here.

Starlight Foundation: To find out more about the Starlight Foundation, click here.

Indigenousness Literary Foundation: To find out more about this organisation, click here.

Bjorn Again: To find out more about the World’s Number 1 Abba Tribute band, click here.

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