How to get the most out of your CYA Conference. An interview with T.M.Clark

Today’s guest is an author for kids and adults, and the co-ordinator of one of the biggest growing conferences on writing in the world.

She’s dropped by today for not one taco, but two, and to tell us about her writing journey and how the CYA Conference came about – from its humble beginnings to what it’s fast becoming today.

She shares how aspiring authors and illustrators can get the most from the conference, who’s appearing at the events, and the dates we need to keep in our diaries. Ladies and gentlemen, please give a huge round of applause to the wonderful TM Clark. Woohooo!

CYA Conference reading with a chance of tacos

CYA Conference Reminders:

If you’re entering the CYA competition 2021, don’t forget your entries must be in by Sunday April 4

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Topics Mentioned in this episode:

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