Seriously, if this is the kind of silliness we are to expect from this new Australian author then … bring it on! I can’t wait for more!

Before we go any further, here’s a short list of things you should eat:

Broccoli – yes

Carrots – yes

Ice cream – yes

Your friends – NO!

Yellow monster has just eaten his friend


Yes, that’s right, he ate his friend! Well, he is a monster after all, and well, maybe that’s just what monsters do. However, Yellow Monster is actually really really sorry. And, to make matters worse, he doesn’t have any other friends.

I’m not surprised. Anyway, he now sets off in search of a new friend. However …

It’s not always easy making new friends

particularly when you’ve just eaten your last one. Yellow Monster is starting to think he’ll never find another friend, until finally, along comes Green Monster.

This is a wonderfully silly book with delightfully quirky illustrations that capture the mood of the story perfectly. It’s the sort of all-round quality that makes little and big kids laugh from their bellies. I can’t wait for more from this great new Aussie talent.

Wait, there is more. Heidi McKinnon has a new book out now!

It’s called, It’s a long way to the shop. Review coming soon, but in the meantime, get your hands on a copy of I just ate my friend now. From all good bookstores. Just beware of hungry monsters!


Category: Picture book – 32 pages

Author/illustrator: Heidi McKinnon

Publisher: A & U Children’s – 2017

Awards: Shortlisted CBCA Awards, Crichton Award for New Illustrators 2018 AU; Longlisted Children’s Picture Book of the Year, Australian Book Industry Awards 2018 AU; Longlisted Indie Book Awards – Children’s Fiction 2018 AU