The Giant Jam sandwich - taco's review

The Greatest Story Ever Told about a Jam Sandwich

If you like jam sandwiches (and who doesn’t?), then you just have to read this book. The people of Itching Down have a major problem. Wasps are driving the picnickers away and chasing the farmers from their hay. Something has to be done. So, the town-folk call a meeting at the local hall.

It’s okay, Bap the Baker has a plan

When Bap the baker suggests baking a huge loaf of bread, the whole town gets onboard with a plan to trap the wasps in a sticky mess of strawberry jam.

Set in a charming old-fashioned English town, everyone pitches in to help make the giant loaf of bread, the jam and the giant picnic blanket in what is no doubt the greatest book ever written about a jam sandwich. But, will the wasps take the bait?

The Giant Jam Sandwich is a classic picture book

First published in 1972, this is a classic tale full of fun and great energy. The sort of book that people keep on their shelves for years and years, taking out to read and reread to children and grandchildren.

It has wonderful lyrical rhyming that stays effortlessly within a winning story structure. Magnificently illustrated – taking you into this quaint town in the summertime. Young children will love the creative solution to the town’s problem and when read aloud, especially with actions, laughter is sure to ensue.

The Giant Jam Sandwich Details:

Written by: John Vernon Lord and Janet Burroway

Illustrations: John Vernon Lord

Published by: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, United Kingdom, 1972