143 Story Treehouse - a taco's book review

Andy and Terry go camping. What could go wrong? 

There’s nothing like a nice quiet time away in the woods. And, this is nothing like a nice quiet time away in the woods!

They have just added 13 amazing new storeys to their treehouse and Andy is tired. He wants a holiday. So Terry suggests a nice quiet camping trip, just the two of them, in their very own campground level. They’ll be nice and relaxed to write and draw their latest book for Big Nose, and enjoy some quiet time.

Unfortunately for Andy, It’s not just the two of them. Edward Scooperhands, Mary Lollipoppins, Trunkinator, and a pile of penguins all tag along. There’s ghosts, and ghosts of ghosts, and ghosts of ghosts of ghosts, and even magazine reporters sent there by Big Nose.

To make matters worse, Terry forgot to pack the tent or any food. Luckily, they brought their fishing rods. Not that they catch any fish, but they do hook in an old boot that comes in very handy later in the book.


So much for a relaxing holiday 

Terry chops Andy in half, right down the middle. Magazine reporters are constantly snapping photos and asking questions of them. They’re packed in like sardines and their fishing boat sinks. 

Then in the evening, as they begin telling spooky stories, their holiday becomes a spooky story. Jill turns up and they all go on a hunt for Hobyahs. “What are Hobyahs?” I hear you ask. They are freaky looking critters that put you in a bag and poke you with a stick.

Will Andy and Terry get back in one piece? Will they finish their book for Big Nose? Will Andy have a relaxing holiday? Or will they get caught by Hobyahs, put in a bag and poked with a stick? Either way, one thing is guaranteed. You’ll split your sides laughing.

Did I mention that there are ghosts, and ghosts of ghosts, and ghosts of ghosts of ghosts?


This series is great on so many levels 

What I love most is that the Treehouse never loses its fun. This book is so silly and so funny and so brilliantly put together, that it’s sure to hit the mark with anyone who loves adventure, a laugh, and a crazy good time. Long live the Treehouse! 


The perfect pairing of crazy

Andy and Terry are the perfect, nothing is out-of-bounds, everything is possible in the name of fun, partnership. Full of one-liners, fantastical characters and madcap hilarity. They make absolutely no apologies for creating funny stories that kids of all ages will enjoy and devour. Long live Andy and Terry!


Don’t miss Andy tomorrow on the Taco’s Podcast

Andy Griffiths interview

It’s release day tomorrow, the book will be out in the shops! Woo-hooo!

And Andy has popped in to tell us all about the 13 new levels of this amazing treehouse. Hear what makes the treehouse so much fun. What it’s like behind the scenes with Andy and Terry. And all the fun that makes the treehouse such a winner with readers.



Author:          Andy Griffiths

Illustrator:    Terry Denton

Publisher:    Pan Macmillan Australia, 2021

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