The 156 Storey Treehouse

The 156 Storey Treehouse book review

It’s Christmas in the Treehouse! The tree has been decorated, every leaf has been lit up. And, it’s almost time for Santa.


Happy Holidays

It’s Christmas Eve and Andy and Terry are singing Christmas Carols. And, for some reason, Penguin Carols. Everyone is happy and full of the holiday spirit. What could go wrong?


Mr Big Nose

When Mr Big Nose calls, Andy and Terry think he’s calling to wish them Happy Christmas. But instead, he’s calling to yell at them to get a new book finished by Christmas Day.

Andy and Terry must decide to keep having fun writing their Christmas List and singing Carols and mucking around, or be sensible and write the book. 

Spoiler alert:  it’s fun, fun, fun!!! Plus chaos, mayhem, snow ball fights, an out of control snowman, 100’s of Santas, baseball bats and flame-throwers!!!


13 New Storeys

Ensuring the fun is even more fun, the guys have added 13 brand new levels since we last saw them.

There’s an aquarium wonderland, a wishing well, a world record breaking level, a TV quiz show hosted by Quizzy the quizzical quizbot, a lost property office, a lost sausage office, a super-stinky stuff level and the amazing mind-reading sandwich-making machine, which makes the perfect amazing sandwich for you – every single time!


So, what are you waiting for? Come on up!

156 Storey Treehouse and the lost sausage

To find out more about this hilarious book, it’s creators, and even a few tips for people who want to write their own crazy and amazing stories, tune in to Andy on the Mini Taco Podcast right here.



Title: The 156 Storey Treehouse

Author: Andy Griffiths

Illustrator: Terry Denton

Publisher: Pan Macmillan, Aust, 2022

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