Ray is one very hip lookin’ chook. He and his friend Janine live a pretty good life – nights out at the movies, open roof car rides along the beach in Monte Carlo, all while wearing the trendiest clothes and accessories – yep, life is pretty good for this hipster chook. Until … he realises that he’s not a chook at all.

He’s all ink no stink!

When Ray realises he is just a drawing of a chicken and not a real chicken, he gets himself into quite a state. He tries to recruit the reader into flying him around the room and out of the book. When that doesn’t work, Ray reassesses his life to determine if he wants to be a real chook or a book chook.

I think Janine best sums up Ray’s plight with the very last line of the book. But of course, Ray has to find out for himself and there are some very funny moments along the journey. Watch out for the scissors, Ray!

Ray is one cool chook in a book.

This well written, rhyming picture book has some very funny moments and is helped along beautifully by the illustrations that really capture the characters so well. Ray is definitely a winner!

Winner, Winner Chicken … No!

If you want to know more about this amazing author and her upcoming works, check out her website here: https://www.ameliamcinerney.com/

And, check out more illustrations from Connah Brecon here: http://connahbrecon.blogspot.com/


Author: Amelia McInerney

Illustrator: Connah Brecon

Publisher: Omnibus Book, 2019. Scholastic Australia

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