The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read

The Book That Did Not Want To Be Read by David Sundin


The book that did not want to be read review


Whoa, what a fight. But I got there. It wasn’t easy, but I did it!! I read it. I think.


I must start this review with a warning.

The title of this book is not a joke. This book does not want to be read. Seriously! Not by you. Not by me. Not by anybody!

I won’t lie. It takes a real effort. But, I read books, that’s what I do. I wasn’t going to be stopped. After all, I’d already said I’d review it. How could I review it if I couldn’t read it?


I don’t know what else to say, except this is so original, it’s awesome!

It all starts when a child who can’t sleep asks a grown-up for a story. The grown-up says, “Of course I can read you a story!” But as it turns out, the grown-up really shouldn’t have said that. Because the book the child had found to read was a very special book. A book that did not want to be read.

And, boy, does this book do everything in its power to stop you reading it. One minute the words are so big they don’t all fit on the page, the next they are so miniscule you need a microscope to read them. And then out of nowhere, a rabbit appears. Don’t ask me why. It just does! And, if that’s not confusing enough, suddenly all the letter “A”s in the book turn in to “O”s. And Aaaaaghh! Or is it Oooooooghh! You realise you should never have started, but now you have to see how it ends. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t know if it ended or not. It’s too hard to tell.

This totally weird book is well worth a read. But only if you’re up to the challenge! You’ve been warned.



Author: David Sundin

Publisher: Penguin Random House, 2022


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