The Claw - a taco's review

The Claw

Meet Clive

an endearing, strong, fun-loving mud crab, who loves nothing more than drifting along the muddy banks of a salty sea with his friends. That’s the life!

Meet Norman Beerbellio

a mean, grumpy crab fisherman, who loves nothing more than crab sandwiches. And, maybe beer.

I know what you’re thinking. Mmm crab sandwiches. Or maybe that’s just me. Well, it was until I met Clive and his friends.

Clive Loses His Nip

Unfortunately for Clive, he loses one of his nippers in fight, and with it he loses all confidence and zest for life. He feels like he doesn’t belong, even though his friends try and cheer him up and bring him back into their games.

A Stormy Adventure

Then one stormy night, the mean and horrible Beerbellio pulls in a net full of mud crabs.

While Clive is wallowing in the weeds, his friends are about to be cooked up for dinner. But, what can he do with only one nipper? Will he try and rescue his friends?

In true form, Clive stops feeling sorry for himself and sets out to find Beerbellio and rescue his friends. However, even with two giant claws, Beerbellio is not one to be messed with. Clive must bring all of his strength and courage.

This is a book with a great villain and a brave and endearing hero. It’s an adventure with some fun and humour along the way, and beautiful illustrations to help tell the story of a good verses evil. Ideal for little nippers everywhere.


Author: Karen Witt

Illustrator: Aaron Pocock

Publisher: Little Steps Publishing, 2020