The Emu Wars with J.A. Bryden.

On today’s show, we’ve got emus, yes emus. Liv and Ken chat to a first-time author who self-published a book and then got picked up by a publisher. It can happen. We talk about a fun book and have a few laughs. 

Today’s guest is an author and podcaster who grew up avoiding books for most of his life, and now finds himself writing them.

As a result, he is a sucker for a good story and loves talking with fellow authors and filmmakers on his podcast ’Stories: the true and the fictional.’

He’s popped in to share his book with us, and tell us how he wrote, edited and self-published his book and how it got picked up by a publisher and into retail stores. It’s a great author journey that can happen. You just need the right story and the willingness to get out there and make it happen.



Author: J.A. Bryden

Publisher: Shawline Publishing, Aust, 2023