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The Giant Spoon.

Little Ruby was happily scooting along, minding her own business, when – SWOOOSH – straight out of the sky came a giant spoon – CLANG CLANK CLATTLE – and into her backyard.

The Giant’s Spoon

This was not just any giant spoon. This was a giant’s spoon. But, Ruby has an awesome sense of adventure and immediately thinks of all the fun she can have.

She called her friends over and they had a rollicking time using the spoon as a skate park and a race-track and a super fun swimming pool.

But when mum said the spoon had to go, Ruby and her friends had to track down the giant and return the spoon.

A Giant Task

Tracking down giants isn’t easy, you need to find some giant paper and write a giant letter using giant letters and then you have to use a giant spoon to hurl it a long, long, long way up!

A Giant Ending

This book is so much fun all the way through, full of colour and great expression, but the very clever kicker comes at the end, when we find out, just what sort of a giant the kids are dealing with.

A Giant Thumbs up!

I really loved the theme of this book. And, the final line in the story had me smiling for hours thinking about it. And, feeling that giants aren’t all that different to us.

If this is the type of book we’re likely to see more of from Squawky Books, and their debut author, then bring it on. Big fan!


Author: Rebekah Yock     

Illustrator: Lucy Jollow

Publisher: Squawky Books, Australia, 2021

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