The Incredible Claw – by Karen Witt and Aaron Pocock

The incredible claw book review

Clive and his friends are back for book 2 of the Claw Books. Unfortunately for the unwary crabs, so is that evil crab fisherman, Norman Beerbellio.

Thanks to Clive’s bravery in Book one, his crab friends are now all happily swishing and swirling and playing underwater games, when a huge mound of delicious food scraps appear from nowhere. Lunch looks good for the unsuspecting crabs.


It’s a trap

Beerbellio is back and hungrier than ever for a crab dinner feast. He’s set a trap for the unsuspecting crabs, and they’ve all fallen for it. Now he has a cage full of colourful, fresh and crunchy crabs. All except the biggest crab of all, Clive.

Clive and his incredible claw must once again think fast and come up with a plan to rescue his friends and stop Beerbellio once and for all.  But is it too late?


Beware, this evil Villain has a mullet!

This is a fun and colourful picture book series, with some fun rhyme, an evil villain, a brave hero and some wonderfully funny illustrations. But, I feel it only fair to warn you. This evil villain has the most wicked mullet I’ve seen in a picture book. Like something out of the 1980’s, this is one scary mullet. But a fun series for kids by Karen Witt. 


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Author: Karen Witt

Illustrator: Aaron Pocock

Publisher: Goatopia, 2021


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