The Lost Moustache- a tacos review

The Lost Moustache.

Recently I came across a rather hairy problem. I was going to need to keep a stiff upper lip.  I was reading a rather beautifully illustrated mystery about a sleuth named Frankie, who’d found a lost moustache. Like Frankie, I was completely baffled. Who loses a moustache?

Well, Frankie was backstage at a local production and a cast of plenty. There were pirates, lions, giraffes, a bizarre creature in a flurry of feathers, a queen, a dancer and many more. Clearly, the hairy moustache belonged to someone in the cast. But who? Or is it whom? I’m never really sure. But, I was sure of one thing. This was going to be a tough case to solve.

A pirate with no mo. How could that be so?

Frankie tip-tapped on the Pirate’s hat and said, ‘Is this your moustache?’ ‘Arrrrr, me hearty,’ said the Pirate, ‘No, that’s not my moustache.’

During reading time, Frankie poked a pointy crown, ‘Is this your moustache?’ she asked the Queen. ‘Me with a mo? I don’t think so!’ replied the Queen.

Frankie questioned the cook, queried the cat, and dared to ask a dancer. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

Determined to return the hairy little critter to its rightful owner, Franky kept searching.

When the cast appeared together for the production photo, I thought that all hope was lost. I couldn’t see a single face that had lost a moustache. But, I’m clearly not as clever as Frankie, because she found the face and solved the case. And, the show went on.

This is a beautiful picture book, with something for everybody. It’s quirky and engaging and the ending works just right. I didn’t see it coming, I wonder if you’ll work it out?

But wait. There’s more!

The illustrations by renowned Italian Illustrator Caterina Metti are amazing. I particularly love the way she’s drawn Frankie. However, there’s more. Caterina has created some end pages that are perfect for colouring in. The entire cast is there, including Frankie. So, get your creative colours on and add to this wonderfully quirky book. Brilliant!


Title: The Lost Moustache

Author: Vikki Conley

Illustrator: Caterina Metti

Publisher: Red Paper Kite, 2020

Taco mascot for reading with a chance of tacos


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