Best of Tacos: Most useful writing advice you should know


Most useful writing advice you should know and use

The most useful writing advice you should know and use is a 3-part podcast series from prominent publishers, editors, authors and illustrators of children’s literature.

The Reading with a Chance of Tacos Podcast has always been about assisting aspiring authors, illustrators and creators of kids books through honest advice from leading experts. In this series, we’ve picked out the best of the best to help you get your awesome work out into the world.

Episode one

This episode focusses on the craft of writing great characters. How to deal with rejection. And, to discuss the most important component of all. Hard work. Pure and simple. If you’re looking for some magical ingredient, it doesn’t exist! If you think writing for kids is easy, it aint! And, if you think it’s just going to happen, think again!

However, this episode is full of tips, guidance, absolute gems and honest advice to assist you on your writing journey, provided you’re prepared to put in the hard yards.

This episode’s amazing guests are: Nic Brasch, Anna McGregor, Lili Wilkinson, Emily Rodda, Helen Castles, Dhana Fox, Nicole Hayes, Vikki Conley, Renee Treml, Anouska Jones, James Layton, Adam Wallace, Tania McCartney, Oliver Phommavanh, Adrian Beck, Amelia McInerney, Liz Ledden, Belinda Landsbury.

Most Useful Writing Advice you should Know and Use – Episode Two

Episode two features advice from some of our best illustrators. Tips on marketing your book, your own brand and the importance of networking.

More information on the craft of creating kids books. And more from the amazing authors, illustrators, editors and publishers we’ve had on our show.

Most Useful Writing Advice you should Know and Use – Episode Three: Kidlit Q and A Extravaganza!


We have a cast of publishers, editors and experienced professional writers and illustrators in various kids book genres ready to answer any and all your questions.

All questions will be asked to the podcast panel anonymously.

Aspiring authors, illustrators and anyone who creates books for kids were invited to send in their burning questions. We received a variety of questions from, How many drafts does it take to write a picture book right through to questions on Public Lending Rights and Educational Lending Rights. Now, it’s put to the panel of experts for their answers. So, get your notepads at the ready.

  • Want better clarity about a publishing process? Such as, How do publishers want the manuscript presented? Who to send it to? Who reads and reviews your work? What’s the acquisitions process like? How do writers get paid?
  • Have a burning question but don’t know who to ask?
  • Perhaps a question you’re afraid is silly, but still like an answer?
  • Are you new to writing or illustrating and have a bunch of questions eating at you?
  • What happens after publication? Do you know about Public Lending Rights? Taxes? Distribution?

In this episode of The Most Useful Advice You Should Know and Use, whether you’re brand new or an established creator of children’s books, we want to know what you need clarified, to ensure that your amazing work gets a better chance of reaching the world.

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