The Naked Sheep by Crystal Corocher

Latest styles, hippest trends,

layered bangs and trimmed split ends…

This salon offers it all!

But, with the outrageous ‘Lightning’ Lizzy holding the clippers, her woolly customers often get more than they baaaargain for!

Children’s Book Editor and Literacy Educator, Crystal Corocher, brings this ‘HAIR-larious’ story about an overzealous Jilleroo who is easily distracted and creates more than a few odd dos for her woolly clientele. Created with the developing reader in mind, this story is light-hearted and engaging with a rhyme scheme that presents opportunities for word prediction and stanzas that young readers will want to memorise and read aloud! Paired perfectly with illustrations by Rebel Challenger who has fast built a reputation for her quirky, rich style and seemingly endless visual talents.



Title: The Naked Sheep

Author: Crystal Corocher

Illustrator: Rebel Challenger

Publisher: Larrikin House, 2022

Meet a real-life editor

Meet the author of this fun book, Crystal Corocher.

Crystal pops in for a chat with the Mini Taco crew about the process of writing her book. Plus, Crystal explains how picture books are made and how they’re published.

To hear our full interview with this amazing author and editor, click here.


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