The Philosopher's Stone book review

The Philosopher’s Stone

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Harry Potter’s parents are dead and he’s sent to live with his aunt and uncle – in a closet under the stairs. That is, until he finds out he’s a wizard destined for great things, and to protect the Philosopher’s Stone.

Now, I know what you’re thinking

Witches, wizards – it’s been done before, right? But, somehow this feels different. The writing is solid and I thoroughly enjoyed the array of wonderful characters and the foray into a magical world. I’m expecting this book to sell quite well. With the right marketing it could even be a series.

Hogwash, I mean Hogwarts

The Philosopher’s Stone takes place in Harry’s first year at a special school for witches and wizards called Hogwarts. Here, Harry gets thrown into a world of adventure and quickly learns to be the wizard he’s destined to be.


The magical world has an evil villain. So evil in fact, that you can’t just say his name willy-nilly. No, his name’s not Willy Nilly. His name is… well, you see, I can’t say.

Years before the setting for this story, He-who-must-not-be-named killed Harry’s parents. But, when he used the killing curse on baby Harry, his spell backfired. Now, most people in the magical world think he’s dead, but that’s Hogwarts, I mean Hogwash. Evil is still very much alive, and once again Harry Potter is in mortal danger.

As the book goes on, it’s clear that the author seems to know his stuff. He’s created some very relatable characters, such as the headmaster – A real tough wand-wielding wizard. A real man’s man. And another, I have to mention without adding too many spoiler alerts, is a poltergeist named Peeves. I think if they ever make a movie, I could see this character featuring strongly.  

Though, if I might offer the author some tips on some of the characters’ names. The main Character, Harry (a bit of a plain name for a wizard), has two close assisting characters, Ron (again plain, but an easy name to read) and the other Hermi … Herminy … Herminoy … Hermione (which I think kids might struggle with. Personally, I think Beryl is a nice name).

Also, I would perhaps consider tweaking the title a little, maybe The Sorcerer’s Stone? Just an idea. Anyway, overall it reads well and the author, J K Rowling (I think it might be John or Jim) has done a wonderful job. Maybe I could get him on the podcast and promote the book in some way. Every little bit helps. And, I’m all for promoting newcomers.

The Philosopher’s Stone Details:

Title: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Author: J K Rowling

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, UK

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