the plastic throne a tacos review

The Plastic Throne by Amani Uduman and Kera Bruton.

Denver doesn’t want to eat his broccoli. Or clean his room and put his things away. And, he hasn’t finished his homework! What is Denver to do? Here’s an idea. Flush them all down the toilet!

What could go wrong?

Denver flushes anything and everything he doesn’t want anymore, including his homework, down the toilet. Problem solved. The boy’s a genius! Even the dog thinks so because it hilariously tries to flush the family cat.

That night, as Denver slept, the ocean began to stir. Everything Denver had flushed down the toilet has ended up in the ocean.

“Look what you’ve done!” said his sister, sailing into Denver’s room. “The ocean has tipped over the edge.”

Water engulfs city

Beds, couches, and entire homes are washed away with ships and boats and whales and sharks and crocodiles. The entire city is under water. Something must be done. The ocean is furious over how it’s being treated. Denver must think of a plan to fix the environment and settle the ocean down.

The importance of protecting our natural environment

Denver and his sister, Maisy, must find Denver’s things among an ocean filled with sharks and help the ocean to settle again before it’s too late.

Of course, once he completes this mission, there’s still the problem of what to do with all the rubbish?

Denver promises to not flush any more unwanted items down the toilet and look after our planet. But, he didn’t say anything about other planets!

This is a picture book that demonstrates the importance of sustainability and looking after our environment, but not with a preachy message. Denver has a creative streak that kids will relate to as they enjoy the fun and adventure of the story and some wonderful illustrations. And, the ending will leave them with a smile.


Author: Amani Uduman

Illustrator: Kera Bruton

Publisher: Midnight Sun Publishing, 2020