The Vampires Next Door

The vampires next door book review

The vampires next door by Sigi Cohen and Patrick Corrigan

The mystery began when a girl known as Lee, saw dozens of bats upside down in a tree.

This is a fun rhyming picture book that kids will be sure to sink their teeth into.

A story with bite

When kids in the book start disappearing, Lee knows something is terribly wrong.

The first kid to vanish was Edie Caruthers. The next disappearance – the Beverly Brothers.

Who or what could it be?

‘The Boogieman got them!’ cried Fergal McNairy. Wriggling his fingers and trying to look scary.

When Lee discovers that her neighbours are vampires, she comes up with a very smelly plan to protect herself and solve the mystery.  

A Monster Mash

Lee bravely ventures into a haunted house and stumbles into a fully blown vampire party.

The cellar was teeming with dozens of bats, with sharp pointy teeth and pink, party hats.

When the bats see Lee, the party stops and the bats turn to attack. Will her stinky plan work? Or will those vampires prove to be a pain in her neck?

Sigi Cohen has a compulsion for matching words that rhyme, and here he matches up masterfully with Patrick Corrigan, an illustrator who brings his words to life. Or, is that after-life?

This is a quirky story (typical of Larrikin House) with a brave lead character, good rhyme and colourful illustration that is sure to be a winner with little monsters everywhere.


Title: The Vampires Next Door

Author: Sigi Cohen

Illustrator: Patrick Corrigan

Publisher: Larrikin House

ISBN: 9781922503084

Publication Date: April, 2021

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