Taco's Giveaway Time

A play by play description

Okay folks, thanks to all those who entered, I’ve got a shoe box full of scrunched-up names. On orange paper we have the Narnia fans, and in plain white are the Hogwarts entries.

Watching over proceedings today is Ruby the Border Collie, who couldn’t be more excited if she tried (sound asleep on the couch). I shuffle the box, Ruby stirs and looks up as I reach in and pull out … an orange ticket. “It’s a Narnia entry, Ruby!” I shout.

Ruby’s eyes close and head drops back to sleep (Obviously Team Hogwarts).

I unscrunch the entry and a Huge Congratulations to cwyn86 from Instagram. Which, when I hover over the Instagram account it appears to be Cassie Wyndham. Congratulations Cassie. Woo-hooo! A 6-pack of books heading out to you.

Thanks again for all those who entered. As a Team Hogwart person myself, I have to admit to being just a tad sad it didn’t go to a fellow Hogwart, but that’s the way it goes. Congrats again to Cassie. It was close to 50/50 Hogwarts to Narnia entries which worked out well. Have a great Book Week and we’ll see you during the week with another awesome podcast guest. Goodbye.

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  1. Thank you so much running this fab comp. can’t wait to read these books with my little one

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