There’s no such thing – a tacos review

There's no such thing - a tacos review

There’s no such thing as a blood sucking spider, hungry giant or a fire-breathing dragon.

But, there is such a thing as a fun book.

Bear and Ted are camping in the woods at night. The stars are glowing, the moon is shining bright upon their little tent as the night creatures go gently about their business. Such a beautiful night under the stars.

“Ted, are you asleep?” asked Bear.

“Yes,” said Ted.

“It’s very dark,” whispered Bear.

Problem is, Bear has never been camping before. So when it’s time to sleep, Bear is frightened of the dark and strange noises all around. Luckily, he has Ted, a good friend who assures Bear that there is nothing to be afraid of.

“Ted!” yelped Bear. “Did you hear that?”

Or is there?

This book is so Heidi McKinnon – full of charm, humour, anticipation and amazing simplicity that will engage kids from beginning to end.

A picture book that offers up everything that great camping has:

Good friends, marshmallows toasting by an open fire, guitars, sing-a-longs and the fresh country air. Oh, and there may or may not be a blood sucking spider, fire-breathing dragon and a hungry giant. But, most probably not. There’s no such thing.  


Author / illustrator: Heidi McKinnon

Publisher: Allen & Unwin, March 2020


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