Three - a tacos review

Three is number 1 by me!

I have a new hero, a new favourite character, and his name is Three.

I couldn’t help being drawn in by his charismatic charm and optimistic view of the world.

Three has the most endearing nature which sees him thrive in the big city among other multi-legged creatures.

Three loves to go on adventures. Every day is a skip and a hop to the beat of one … two … three. One … two … three, all the way along town. 

Such a loveable character

Three is missing a leg, by all accounts, most dogs have four. But you wouldn’t know it. Three is so full of life and wonder that he takes everything in his stride.

One day, Three skipped and hopped his way right out of town and into the slow moving countryside, where he encounters creatures with six legs and four legs and two legs and two legs pretending to be three legs and flying six legs and even sliding no legs.

Here, Three meets a girl named Fern. They instantly bond, and Three finds a friend and a family. And, more amazing adventures await Three and his new life in the country.  

The illustrations are so Stephen Michael King, by that I mean they’re super fun, full of colour and expressive characters that tell the story in their own unique and quirky way.

If you’re looking for a book that portrays positivity, friendliness, thankfulness, acceptance and encourages a love of life, then skip and hop … One … two … three. One … two … three into your local bookstore or library and call out, “Here Three.”


Title: Three

Author / Illustrator: Stephen Michael King

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, November 2019

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