Tiny Possum and the migrating moths by Julie Murphy and illustrated by Ben Clifford.


Tiny Possum and the migrating moths book review

Once thought to be extinct, the Tiny Mountain Pigmy-Possum is very much alive and living high in the Australian Alps. It’s a cold and often harsh place to be, but our little hero is a fighter.


Survivor Australia

This is a beautifully told tale of the life and life cycle of these amazing Aussie survivors. You can’t help but fall in love with the main character and her fighting spirit. We follow her on her journey through the seasons – who she meets, who she eats, who she loves, and how she lives.

There are now thousands of these little Aussie Battlers in the wild thanks to conservation, awareness in books just like this, and of course, thanks to the Bogong Moth.


Turn off your lights. A possum gotta eat!

 As the book shows us, we humans can play our part to. Bogong Moths migrate in their millions each spring to the mountains, where they make a great meal for the mountain possums. However, they almost didn’t make it to our little hero, because the bright city lights distracted the moths, stopping them from finding their way. So, if you see a moth flapping away under your porch light this spring, turn off the light and shoo the moths away. They are needed in the mountains.


Cycle of Life

 Beautifully told and illustrated, this is ideal for primary schools and teachers looking to explain how life cycles work, the end pages in the book go into great detail of life in the mountains, breeding seasons, foods, hibernation and survival.  



 Author: Julie Murphy

Illustrator: Ben Clifford

Publisher: CSIRO Publishing


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