Tips on writing a graphic novel

Sean E Avery is the international best-selling author of Frank’s Red Hat. He’s popped in today to share his process of writing a graphic novel.

He shares how he taps into what kids want, what kids find funny, and how to format a graphic novel. With strong characters and a willingness to write a page per day, Sean shows how a graphic novel comes together. And, we chat about his new graphic novel, Friendly Bee.

Forget The Hungry Caterpillar. Meet the Slightly Peckish Caterpillar, Enormous Hairy Spider, and Angry Wasp.


Tips on writing graphic novels


Title: Friendly Bee and Friends

Author/Illustrator: Sean E Avery

Publisher: Walker Books, Aust, 2023


Book Reviews with Liv

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A delightful and hilarious story from a CBCA award-winning author, about a lion-hearted girl who just wants the best for her family.

When her dad loses his job as a security officer and has to work interstate, Huda convinces her brother Akeal to sneak out at night to make mischief, hoping to force their dad’s bosses to hire him back.

A thoroughly entertaining story full of hijinks, courage and hilarity.


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