Top Tips for illustrating picture books - Jess Racklyeft Interview

Top Tips for illustrating picture books – what tools are needed, how to use them, what to show in your portfolio, how to find and build rapport with publishers. All this and more in our interview with the amazingly talented and prolific illustrator, Jess Racklyeft. 

Today’s guest started out working in publishing as a book seller, before moving in to creating her very own award-winning books for kids. And, when I say creating, I mean both writing and illustrating amazing bodies of work. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jess Racklyeft. Woo-hooo!


Jess Racklyeft interview


Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

 Jess Racklyeft: to find out more about this amazing creator of kids books, click on website here.

Finders Keepers Market: To find out more about this market and where you can see art from some of Melbourne’s best illustrators, click here


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