The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under the Bed.

By Mitch Frost.

News Flash!

Monsters around the country tonight are homeless!

Many say they have brought it on themselves. Others are saying, it’s all because of that darn book.

Under-the-bed Monsters may soon be a thing of the past. That’s right folks. You heard it here first. After years of dwelling under the beds of human homes, these monsters are being relocated due largely to author Mitch Frost and his new book, The Ultimate Survival Guide to Monsters Under the Bed.

I spoke directly with Mr Frost, who has a Doctorate in Monster Studies from the Australian Monster University (AMU), about the situation and he believes that after reading this book, and following its step by step guide, nobody should be living in fear of Under-the-bed Monsters again.

Serious Science

When you open the book, you’ll see that scientists at the Goodnight Labs really do take Under-the-bed Monsters very seriously.

These labs are filled with state of the art facilities such as bubbling test tubes, machines that blink and people holding coffee mugs that say things like: World’s best scientist. So, you know they’re good.

Above all, this book is a fun read that offers a beneficial guide to the type of monsters to watch out for. Along with instructions on what you should do if you want them gone, particularly at night when you’re sleeping. Some of these steps even include hilarious jokes.

Mind you, step one and two are not going to be easy to maintain on a regular basis. Some will have better luck than others. But, the great thing is that there are many steps provided in this fun-filled book. And, the bonus step is awesome! So, get set for glorious nights of sound sleeping. Ahhhh!

4 really cool things about this book

Firstly, it’s an ultimate survival guide to monsters under the bed. That’s huge. Because it will arm you with the necessary skills to keep monsters at bay.

Secondly, the book comes with an awesome poster of the monsters in the book. You just slip the book’s jacket off, unfold it and PRESTO it’s a poster for your wall! Now, if the amazing people at Goodnight Labs are capable of mastering this marvellous technology, I have no doubt they know how to vanish monsters.

Monster poster - tacos review

And thirdly, each book is equipped with the laboratory’s latest invention – the Safe 5000. That is it! Say goodnight monsters! End of story! I’ve actually placed a copy of the book under my bed. And, guess what? No Monsters!

And lastly, and most importantly, it’s a fun read for you and your kids to share. It’s light hearted and easy to read. The monsters didn’t scare me at all, not even once. The illustrations by Daron Parton are fantastic, particularly the monsters’ expressions, which add to the laughs. So, go out and get your copy today and say goodbye to monsters forever!

Book Details:

Author: Mitch Frost

Illustrator: Daron parton

Publishers: Affirm Press, 2019

To find out more about Mitch Frost and his Monster Research check out his website here:

And, find out more on Daron Parton and Affirm Press here:

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