Vlad’s in Love – a taco’s review

Vlad's in love

Vlad’s in love

Vlad’s in love. He doesn’t want to do anything or even go to school. It seems he’s fallen for Peggy Sue, the new girl at school.

Aaaaagh, poor Vlad. He’s been bitten by love and he’s fallen hard.

She’s pretty, witty and so smart. Her spookiness is off the chart.

It’s always the spooky ones!

Love is Spooky

Love is spooky, even for monsters. Vlad can’t stand to be around Peggy Sue. His face turns red and his knees go weak. Even his tongue gets all tied up. Yep, Vlad’s in love!

And, how does Peggy Sue feel? Does she love Vlad? What if she doesn’t love him back?

It’s your classic spooky love story of boy meets ghoul

Vlad thinks his friends will know what to do. Unfortunately, they’re in love too! They each have their own monster problems going on.

Poor Vlad. The only person left to confide in is his annoying sister. Will she even help?

After a bit of teasing from Sis, Vlad gets some great advice, and heads out to meet Peggy Sue. He even takes a shower and brushes his monster fangs.

Just be yourself

After a shaky start, I’m happy to announce that Vlad has stepped up and proved to us all that romance isn’t dead.

This is a fun rhyming read aloud with awesome illustrations that capture the fun and emotion and reminds us all to just be ourselves.

Vlad’s in Love Details:

Author: Rory H Mather

Illustrator: Jesus Lopez

Publisher: Larrikin House

Larrikin House Publishing logo

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