Walk of the whales by Nick Bland

Walk of the Whales

When the Whales walked out of the ocean and into the cities and towns, they were greeted with smiles from the children. From others they only got frowns.

Selfish Whales

When all the whales from the ocean came to live on the land, people didn’t know what to think. Soon, these massive creatures started destroying the land and rubbishing up the streets. Shopkeepers went out of business and people began protesting ‘Go home whales!’

It was an Environmental Disaster

Why would they do such a thing? Disgraceful, that they would come onto our land and totally run amuck. People had had enough and tried to run the whales out of the towns, but the whales weren’t going anywhere.

A young girl named Freda had the right idea. She simply asked the whales why they were here. Once the people understood why the whales had left their home, they went to work and cleaned the ocean. They brought all the rubbish ashore.

Happy with their clean ocean home, the whales all went back to the ocean again.

A Whale of a time

A very clever story tackled with an entertaining flip on how humans are polluting the ocean. There are some fun illustrations and humorous moments that make the story a joy to read, but nobody will miss the point of the story, that we humans need to clean up our act.



 Author/ Illustrator: Nick Bland

Publisher: Hardie Grant, Australia, 2021


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