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Walking Your Human by Liz Ledden and Gabriella Petruso.

I must start this review with a WARNING.

If you have a dog, don’t let it read this book. It’s all about ways that dogs want to train and walk their humans. And trust me, they have very different ideas to humans about what makes for a good walk! Your daily stroll in the park will never be the same again.

For example, you can forget stopping for a chat, or staying dry, or clean, or doing anything relaxing. These sneaky canines want to retrain us and run our lives. If they haven’t already?!

The first page says it all. “If you ever see your human relaxing, don’t be fooled. They’re waiting to be walked.”

If that’s not enough, the illustrations from renowned UK artist, Gabriella Petruso are so quirky and so much fun that dogs and humans will be smiling from ear to ear.

Sure it’s funny, and kids, like dogs, are gunna love it. I mean why wouldn’t they, it’s quirky, funny, silly, the illustrations are amazing, it’s everything a picture book for kids should be! But, really, kids are going to want to read it over and over again, and that’s fine, but they’re sure to leave it lying around, and if old mate Fido gets his grubby paws onto it then you’re in trouble.

All in all, this is a fun read aloud that is sure to delight kids and dog lovers everywhere. Out now.


Author: Liz Ledden

Illustrator: Gabriella Petruso

Publisher: Larrikin House, February 2021

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