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Trent Roberts interview

Whether you have a thin skin, are nervous to show your work, don’t have enough time, or have anything at all stopping you from making it as a published creator, you need to start committing to something that drives you forward.

Today’s guest left a flourishing career to start at the very bottom of the writers’ barrel – making tea and coffees for other writers and creators. From there, he worked hard, studied those around him, pestered, learned the ropes, pushed through rejection, and became a script writer for short films and TV.

He’s written for such fun shows as Upper Middle Bogan and Little Lunch. After writing for kids TV, he decided he’d pen a novel about something really cool like Stunt Kids.

Today, he’s popped in for a taco and to share his amazing journey. The ups, the downs and the lessons he’s learned and all about his awesome junior novel. Everyone please put your hands together for Trent Roberts.

Stunt Kids Interview

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Bianca’s Book Club

Bianca's Book Club interview

Bianca’s Book Club began as a YouTube channel where 9-year-old Bianca would read her favourite books. The response to Bianca’s energy and enthusiasm saw the channel grow and soon added an Instagram account. Now publishers and authors are sending her books to read aloud on her site.

Her enthusiasm for books is so infectious that I just had to get her on the show to chat all about it. Please welcome the wonderful, the amazing, the super exciting, Bianca.

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