By Heidi McKinnon

we found a cat by Heidi McKinnon - a taco's book review

Look! We found a cat.

It has whiskers and a long tail, it has to be a cat … doesn’t it?


What would you do if you found something that looks like a cat in a box? Would you take it home?

Of course you would, cats are adorable!

When two kids find a cat, they can’t help but bring it home. Now, when I say cat, I mean … no, actually, it’s a cat. At least, I think it’s a cat. It’s just a very big one that’s all.


It must be a cat

 Cats are playful. This creature is playful.

Cats like to nap. This guy likes to nap.

Cats are often hungry. This animal is very, very hungry.

It must be a cat!   

The kids love their new pet, and mum doesn’t seem to mind. But dad is not so sure. It seems dad is more of a dog person. 


It’s more of an outdoors cat 

Without giving too much away, when dad, the dog, mum and the rest of the family get eaten by the cat, the kids start to think that maybe it’s not really a family pet.  

 They call the zookeeper to take it away, but still pop over to visit their friend at the zoo. And while they’re there, they find a … no, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. It’s a crack up!


Less is Definitely More 

The illustrations are adorable, as are the kids in the book. And, the writing is sublime. I’m often amazed at Heidi McKinnon’s use of minimal words. I look at the structure and I think, wow! I think a lot of writers would need a paragraph to tell certain parts of the story, but Heidi manages it in two or three words. 

It’s a real talent to use such minimal words to say so much. I think she’s a master of “less is more”. And, a pretty good sense of humour too.

This is such a fun and quirky book. Kids will be laughing and commenting all the way through this book. Guaranteed.

 *And don’t worry, Mum, Dad and family make it out alive. But, I’m not so sure about the zookeeper?



 Author/illustrator: Heidi McKinnon

Publisher:                Scholastic Australia, 2021



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