They do what with all the poo? Are you serious? Yuck! I’m never eating pizza again!

Thanks to grade prep students at St Damian’s Primary School in Bundoora, Victoria, for suggesting this funny book for review. They sure know a funny book when they read one! There’s a laugh on every page and great rhythm for reading aloud.

I can just see young kids absolutely going nuts when this book is read aloud in a classroom. It is so well set out that kids will be waiting to see what will happen next. On each page we get a ridiculous scenario of what they do with all that poo at the zoo.

So, let’s get the scoop

Well, in case you’re wondering, they scoop it up with rakes and turn it into birthday cakes. And, they mix it with all kinds of material and turn it into kid’s breakfast cereal. YUCK! It’s true apparently. Well, okay not really, but there really is some awesome and funny suggestions in this book.

This is a well structured book on a very funny topic. It has great rhythm, repetition and rhyme, particularly for reading aloud to young children. One of the great things about this book is the ending, which at first I thought was a little light on, until it made me, and I’m sure everyone who’s read it ask the question, “So what do they do with all that poo at the zoo?” Thereby making this book a great classroom discussion and learning objective.

And, just as a side note to you kids at St Damian’s, I’ve heard what really happens is that they take the poo from the zoo and send it to St Damian’s. Then if any kids are being mean, they have it for lunch from the school canteen!

Laura Wood illustration for Tacos book review

Seriously, here’s what they really do with all the poop from the zoo

I did some research and discovered that what they actually do do with all the do do is that they scoop it into massive piles, add nutrients and organic matter and pile it into big machines that churn it all up into compost. From there it’s used on the zoo gardens as well as sold to various garden supply chains. And, I’ve even heard that some of it is sold to make paper products such as note books. So, we could all be taking our notes on elephant poop.

As a bonus feature, the book comes with a CD, so you can sing along in search of the stinky truth.

Find out more about this amazingly talented and funny author / comedian, Anh Do here at his website:


Title: What Do They Do with All the Poo from All the Animals at the Zoo?

Author: Anh Do

Illustrator: Laura Wood

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, 2016

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