Interview with Lili Wilkinson.

Lily Wilkinson interview

In today’s show, we talk to one of Australia’s most loved authors, Lili Wilkinson, about her writing journey, what it takes to be a professional writer, the discipline required, skills needed, what she’d like to see more of on our shelves, and her new series How to Make a Pet Monster.

Also appearing is author Nic Brasch

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Lili Wilkinson – To find out more about Lili Wilkinson and her work check out her website here:

Allen and Unwin – to find out more about this publishing house, check out their website here:

Wharfie – Australian / NZ slang for someone who works on a wharf. A waterside worker or labourer

Nic Brasch – See our interview with Nic Brasch here

Teddy Robinson – Author Joan G Robinson’s most endearing character, Teddy Robinson, first appeared in 1953. Check out more about Teddy here at Pan MacMillan:

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