When You’re Older

When You’re Older

Baby brother,

I can’t wait until you’re older.

Just imagine the adventures that lie ahead…


When you're older book review


When a young boy talks to his baby brother, he imagines the adventures they will have growing up. How they will be there for each other and the inseparable bond they will share. 


Brothers Bonding

You often see stories of siblings meeting their new baby brother or sister and sharing feelings of jealousy or anxiety about their own role in the family. They are often about sibling rivalry. But this book comes at the experience in a totally positive and imaginative way.

The stunning illustrations complement the dreams of the impending places the brothers will visit on their adventures, and you can’t help being taken away to a magical place in your heart. 


A New Family Favourite

This book is every parent’s dream. Add to that, dragons, bats, caves, oceans, boats, whales, ghost ships, crashing waves, and kids falling overboard and you’ve got something to hook the kids as well.



Author: Sofie Laguna

Illustrator: Judy Watson

Publisher: Allen and Unwin, 2022


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