Whose book is it? Author or Illustrator?

Suzy Houghton Tacos Interview

Whose book is it? Authors or Illustrators?

In today’s show, we look at a very important topic when it comes to illustrated books and ask the question, “Whose book is it?”  

Do authors feel that it’s their story and theirs alone? Do the public see the book as the author’s book? What’s your take?

Do you think it’s the author’s book? Do you see it as an equal collaboration? Perhaps you think it’s the illustrator’s book, seeing as it’s a picture book? Whose book is it?

We talk to an illustrator who’s super passionate about the topic and get an insight into what the process of an illustrator is, how they work with an author and a publishing team to make a complete picture book.

This is an episode not to be missed!

We give a big shout out to Jen Storer’s The Duck Pond. Great to see a community getting together and supporting each other. Go Duckies. Quack! Quack!

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Suzy Houghton: To check out more of Suzy’s work, click on her website: https://suzannehoughton.com.au/

Larrikin House Books: https://larrikinhouse.com/

Goat on a Boat: See the full Tacos review here: https://readingwithachanceoftacos.com/goat-on-a-boat/

The Duck Pond: Jen Storer’s Facebook Community. A community of children’s book creators and aspiring creators.

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