Why do you write kids books? An interview with Jess McGeachin

Today’s guest is an author / illustrator who is constantly inspired by the natural world. He loves crafting stories full of hidden details that the reader can keep finding well after the first look.

His debut picture book, Fly, was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards. And, he has popped in today for a taco and to tell us why he creates his books for kids.

And we’ll look at his latest two books, which are absolutely out of this world.

Please give a big cheer, for Jess McGeachin. Woo-hooo!

Deep review by Jess McGeachin

Kind book review by Jess McGeachin


What’s The Story Rory?

Interview with Rory H Mather

It’s time for a new segment, featuring the one and only Rory H Mather. It’s called, What’s the Story Rory? Let’s find out. Hi Rory.

Romancing the stars: if you want to join Rory and others, click on details here 

Alone by Scott Stuart 

Let’s build a backyard by Mike Lucas  and Daron Parton

Miss Understood by Kathryn Apel and Beau Wylie

Dancing with Dragons Amy Dunjey – Book Launch is Sat 14th May, 2022 at Paper Bird Books, Fremantle, WA.

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