Worst Week Ever! Monday Interview with Eva and Matt

Worst Week Ever! Monday by Eva Amores and Matt Cosgrove

This brilliantly imagined and designed series hilariously details the worst week ever of 12-year-old Justin Chase. Each book in this 7-part series is an entire day of the terrible, heart-stopping, gut-wrenching, butt-clenching week, starting with book one, Monday.

It’s not just a pretty bad sort of a week

It’s the worst week ever! We meet Justin just as he is starting at a new school, getting a new step-dad (who may or may not be a vampire), encountering a new bully and a ton of new experiences.

Unfortunately for Justin, each one of these experiences is about to go horribly, embarrassingly, jaw-droppingly and side-splittingly-funnily WRONG. This is a fast-paced, rollicking roller-coaster of a book that will keep kids laughing.

A totally interactive worst week ever!

This book has something for everyone and in a way that speaks to kids of today. Instead of showing us what Justin looks like, the creators of this book, give us a spot the difference puzzle. Instead of showing us a bus ride, they give it to us like something out of a video game. It’s a visually engaging book, that even has a blank panel where readers can add to some of the fun names for Justin’s dad’s truck.

Oh, did I tell you that Justin’s dad’s truck is a giant toilet on wheels? Or, that Justin is dropped off at his new school in the truck, in full view of the entire school? Or that Justin has a bout of food poisoning that’s bubbling away in his guts as he’s about to enter the school’s swimming carnival and that there’s every chance it could cause a Code Brown? Well, I have now. So, consider yourself warned. This is the sort of gross, funny and totally interactive experience that your kids are going to love.

Interview with Eva and Matt on the Taco’s Podcast

Matt Cosgrove and Eva Amores interview

Don’t miss Eva and Matt talking with Ken about all the behind the scenes shenanigans to Worst Week Ever, and brilliant creative tips for aspiring writers and illustrators. Click here to listen.


Co-creators: Eva Amores and Matt Cosgrove

Publisher: Scholastic Australia, 2021

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