Worst Week Ever Wednesday


Have YOU ever had a BAD WEEK?

Justin Chase sure has, and this is it!

Monday really socked, Tuesday blew up, but now it’s … WEDNESDAY!

His cat is still mysteriously missing. He’s an unintentional internet sensation. And right now sharks are circling as he’s stranded in a heart-stopping, skin-crawling, jaw-dropping, seriously shocking S.O.S situation with his unbelievably annoying arch-enemy!

The third book in the hilarious seven-part middle-grade series taking the world by storm.

Published by Scholastic Australia


Worst Week Ever Wednesday

Matt Cosgrove and Eva Amores are the team behind this amazing series. 

The illustrations, the ideas, and the structure of this series, I think, are next level. They’re so interactive and such an awesome reader experience. 

Matt and Eva chat with Ken about their journey writing and illustrating together. How this book came about. How they plan out the storylines for the week. And, we chat about how this incredible series is now taking the world by storm. 

To listen to this interview click here


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