WORST WEEK EVER WEDNESDAY by Eva Amores and Matt Cosgrove

Worst Week Ever Wednesday

Today’s first guest, according to the hilarious front page of his website, is an idiot and an embarrassment to his whole family.

He lives in a wheelie bin with his pet rock and two monkeys.

He spends his days wearing a pink tutu and making people barf with his horrible body odour.

But, the truth is he’s an author and illustrator of children’s books such as Macca the Alpaca series, Celeste the Giraffe, My Dad is a Robot, and his latest middle grade Worst Week Ever series with co-creator Eva Amores.

Our second guest likes shoes, travelling and more shoes. She’s an author, designer and photographer who has worked for the Sydney Opera House and the ABC. Everybody, please welcome Matt Cosgrove and Eva Amores.



Title: Worst Week Ever Wednesday

Creators: Eva Amores and Matt Cosgrove

Publisher: Scholastic, Aust, 2022


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Drawn Friday 12th November 2022

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