How to handle rejection

Like it or not, rejection is a big part of an author’s journey. But, it doesn’t have to get you down. Here’s Ken’s look at handling rejection. How to get your writing rejected

Educational and public lending rights (ELR and PLR)

Australian book publishers or creators—authors, illustrators, editors, translators and compilers can be compensated for the loss of income through the free multiple use of their work in Australian public and educational lending libraries.

Writing 101 - a tacos resource

Why learn with Writing 101?

Writing101 exists because of my disappointment with just about every online writing course I have come across.

Many overcomplicate the writing process and confuse emerging writers who are seeking guidance on the fundamentals of writing. Others are clearly run by charlatans, providing far less than they promise, and then asking for more money for further information.  

The Writing 101 courses provide advice, tips and exercises on what I consider to be the fundamentals of writing. I use my own experiences as both a writer and teacher and do so in a way that is easily understood and engaging.

In these courses, I leave nothing behind. Both the structure and the content of the courses have been designed to ensure you end a course with more knowledge, guidance and confidence than you came into them with. They represent the best value for money for beginner and emerging writers.

Nicolas Brasch, Founder, Writing101

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