Hosts: Ken and Elodie.

Guest: Nat Amoore.

Topic: Writing about Adventure with Nat Amoore.

Nat Amoore Mini Taco interview


Today’s guest ran away to join the circus. She entertained people by flying through the air on her amazing trapeze. Nowadays, she entertains people with amazing books full of adventure. So, for old-time sake, we shot her out of a cannon. And, with three summersaults, two twists and forward roll, here she is in the studio.

To tell us all about her latest book, We Run Tomorrow, and offer up some awesome writing tips, it’s the acrobatic, super energetic, amazing author, Nat Amoore.

We Run Tomorrow interview with Nat Amoore

Book Reviews with Liv

Book Reviews with Liv


REAL PIGEONS Book Series by Andrew McDonald and Ben Wood

Did you know your city is protected by a secret squad of crime-fighting pigeons? It’s true!

With master of disguise Rock Pigeon, bendy Tumbler, strong Frillback, and super-finder Homey, the REAL PIGEONS will solve any mystery and fight any bad guy to keep the city safe!

Nest Hard: Book 3

But with a bone-crunching vulture on the loose, a beastly child running amok and a long-lost family to find, how will they ever find the perfect nest?

Splash Back: Book 4

In this hilarious book, the brave birds track down a demon who is draining every bath in the city, a prankster causing trouble in the beach town of CHIPOPOLIS and a shadowy bad guy who wants to make the world go DOTTY … and end the Real Pigeons at the same time!

Character of the Week

Congratulations Shaama Llama Ding Dong.

We first met Shaama Llama Ding Dong in Book One of Nathan Luff and Chris Kennett’s amazing series The Nerd Herd.

Along with her co-stars, Barnabas and Billy the Kid, they are three brave, furry, farmyard animals who make a pact not to be bullied anymore.

Shaama, for your ingenious inventiveness and masterful plans to help save the day; for helping to save the farmyard’s chickens, for getting T-Bone the bull back in his paddock, and for helping rescue Barny from wily Mrs Fox, all while ensuring that this entertaining, action-packed adventure series is laugh out-loud funny, you are Character of the Week!

Look out for Liv’s full review of The Nerd Herd on next week’s show.

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