Oliver Phommavanh - a taco's interview

Writing Comedy for Kids with Oliver Phommavanh

Today’s guest is a stand-up comedian, a stand-up guy and a very successful writer of books for kids. With his fun-loving sense of humour, his book, Thai-riffic made a real impact on the literary scene, winning the hearts of kids and adults alike. It has been shortlisted on the Australian Book of the Year Awards, and Kids Own Australia’s Literature Awards (KOALAs) for five years straight. It has even been adapted for the stage.

He’s popped in today to talk about writing humour in kids books – what works, what doesn’t, where the comedy comes from and how to engage the audience for the humour to be effective. Ladies and gentlemen, he was the class clown who went on to make good, so please give it up for the amazing Oliver Phommavanh. Woo-hoo!

Resources Mentioned in this episode:

Oliver Phommavanh: to find out more about this amazing author and his books, click here: https://www.oliverwriter.com/

Thai-riffic: to purchase, or find out more about Thai-riffic, published by Penguin Books, click here.

Sonic the Hedgehog: to find out more about Sonic, click here

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