Writing for TV and Award-winning Kids books – an interview with Fiona Wood

Fiona Wood

Today’s guest is a multiple CBCA Award-winning author. She’s been a script writer for such amazing TV shows as The Secret Life of Us, The Baby-sitter’s Club and many more. She’s an outright superstar. And she’s popped in today to share her journey, how she fell into the business, tips and tricks she’s picked up along the way, and her awesome new book,  How to Spell Catastrophe.  Please give a big cheer for Fiona Wood.

How to spell catastrophe book review

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Interview with Rory H Mather

The segment where we ask, children’s book author and picture book enthusiast, Rory H Mather, what’s happening in his world of books?

What’s the Story, Rory?

This week, Rory tells us about his trip to the UK, where he met up with one of his long-time favourite authors, hit the bookstores, rediscovered his love of humour in British picture books, and even brought a few books home to share with us.

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