Interview with Robert Vescio

Today’s guest writes books that inspire children with stories of hope, courage and full of heart. Many of his picture books have been shortlisted, won awards and have been translated into other languages. And he’s popped in today for a taco, to tell us about his latest book Seal Child, and talk about the art of writing from the heart. Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for the awesome, heart warming person that is Robert Vescio.

seal child - a taco's book review

Books in Lockdown

Kaye Baillie is an author of picture books and short stories. Her last three picture books have all been born in Lockdown. Today, Kaye joins us to discuss her latest book, When The Waterhole Dries Up.

Resources Mentioned:

Robert Vescio: To find out more about Robert’s work, you can click on his website here.

Seal Child: To find out more about Robert’s latest picture book, published by New Frontier Publishing, click here.

Anna Pignataro: To find out more about this wonderful illustrator, click on her website here.

Kaye Baillie: To find out more about Kaye, you can click on her website here.

When the Waterhole Dries Up: To find out more about Kaye’s book, published by Windy Hollow Books, click here.

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