You Matter – Be Your Own Best Friend

You Matter. Be your own best friend

You Matter Book Reivew

 There’s no one else in the world like YOU.

It’s true. You are unique.


Some days you just don’t feel it!

 We all have good days and bad days. Some days you’re up and feeling amazing. And some days you’re down and feeling miserable. These are the ebbs and flows of our lives and emotions. But sometimes these bad days and miserable feelings can last longer than they should. In the adult world in recent years, we’ve had an ‘R U OK? Day’. Well, this book is kind of an R U OK? Day for kids. A way to address feelings, emotions, and mindfulness.


Simple ways to feel better

You Matter is a clear and awesome guide for our young people to connect to their feelings and emotions and promote their own wellbeing.

With clear explanations, practical tips and exercises, this book is a real creative resource for young people. In a sense, it’s a guide to becoming your own best friend!


Fun to use and Easy to do

Filled with practical ideas and bright illustrations, this book is typical of a Wild Dog Books publication. They seem to get so much more out of a picture book. The focus seems to be on the reader and giving the reader as much helpful information as possible. For example, this little book is jam packed with ideas on Talking to Friends and loved ones, Connecting with Nature, Eating healthy, Getting Exercise and even Meditating.

It’s an accessible, creative, and fabulous guide to understanding your feelings, and developing a positive sense of self-worth.



Author: Sue Lawson and Sue Hindle

Illustrator: Prue Pittock

Publisher: Wild Dog Books, 2022


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