Your Birthday was the Best! by Maggie Hutchings and Felicita Sala


Your Birthday was the Best! book review


It was a great party

This is such a fun story, told from the perspective of a fun-loving, adorable, friendly, gate-crashing cockroach.

Cockroach is telling the birthday boy just how much he enjoyed his party. “Your birthday was the best!” 


Cockroach had so much to eat, he fell asleep on the cake

Of course, the birthday boy and his party guests, as the reader discovers, didn’t quite see it the same way. But that doesn’t deter this happy cockroach from seeing it his way.

When the birthday boy screams, he thinks it’s because he was excited to see him.

And, when dad sucked him up in the vacuum cleaner, he loved it.

What’s not to love. Inside the vacuum cleaner was hairy cheese and cat poo and even toenails. And, if that wasn’t delicious enough, Cockroach got emptied out into the big outside bin. What a wonderland!


A Family Reunion

In the bin, he saw his uncle Larry and Auntie Sharon and had the best time. But, of course, he had a party to get back to.

This is a very funny story, with wonderful illustrations that capture the fun of the story and the adoring cockroach. A very deserving CBCA Honour Book for 2021.



Author: Maggie Hutchings

Illustrator: Felicita Sala

Publisher: Affirm Press, Australia, 2021


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