Podcast interview with Zanni Louise.

Zanni Louise drops in to tell us about her writing collaboration with basketball star, Matthew Dellavedova and the Funny Bones project and shares some great writing tips. We look at a Robert Munsch Classic, Ken shares his tip on rejection and we announce Character of the Week.

Topics mentioned in this podcast:

Matthew Dellavedova: Daring Delly – Team Tryouts. In stores now. Click here

Funny Bones: Compilation of awesome stories for charity, published by Allen and Unwin. Click here.

Robert Munsch Week: A week of Munsch Classics starting with Love you Forever. Click here

Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire: Check out tacos review of Nat Amoore’s popular book. Click here

Podcast Segments in review: KEN’S REJECTION TIP OF THE DAY

Hey, what do you call a fashion designer who rejects everything? Calvin Deklein


Hey fellow writers (you poor gluttons for punishment),

You might be wondering why I have a segment all about rejection. Well, someone once said to me, “Talk about what you know.”

Rejection and I go way back. I’ve failed at just about everything I’ve ever done (at least in some way). But I’m still here, even smiling. Sometimes I laugh. Yes, failure and rejection are a part of the writing business. I once got a rejection letter from an origami company. I’m still not sure what to make of it. I joke, of course, but rejection is no laughing matter.

Rejection is an important component in our writing journey. It helps us to regroup, refocus and re-evaluate. It opens new paths, finds the right track and helps gain resilience. It teaches patience, helps us grow and ensures success tastes so much sweeter. In fact, some of the best authors the world over are also the most rejected. So, with that in mind, I’m here to help you stack up those rejections.

One thing you’ll need to think about before we go on is a coping mechanism. I drink. But, you’ll need to find what works for you. Seriously, as much as it hurts, and it does, if writing is in your blood, you’ll be back at the keyboard in no time, ready to rewrite, refine, reassess and go again. But first, let’s get you rejected.

To help you along, each week I’ll offer up a rejection tip or two to get you through. Listen in, give it what little attention you have and if you don’t think it helps I won’t be offended. Hey, look who you’re talking to.

Good luck.


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